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Pineapple Tarts | is back and ready for pre-orders this December! Enjoy 10% off for preorders before 24 Dec with code “SIAOLA10”. Christmas hasn't even started sounds quite early to talk about Pineapple tarts no? If you look at your calendar. Chinese New Year 2020 is going to start early on 25 Jan 2020. 1 month is enough time for CNY goodie preparation. Time to spoil your family, and friends with those soft creamy pineapple goodness.

They are back with their popular flavors, some of you might be familiar with these 3 flavors (Original, cheese and salted egg). This coming festive season they've decided to spice things up with a new flavor "MALA", yes you heard me, MALA pineapple tarts sounds adventurous and to some of you, it might seem weird.

I've tried the Mala pineapple tart, it was surprisingly okay. The tart was soft and has an orange-brown color, accompanied by a slight numbing sensation, but not spicy. The taste reminds me of "spicy pork floss" though. The pineapple is moist and sweet thus it balances out the flavor. So overall I feel it was not too bad. After trying all 4 flavors, (Original, Cheese, Salted Egg, Mala) I'd still love their original, it's really my favorite, literally finished the whole tub. The cheese somehow tasted quite similar to the original, subtle cheese flavors only. But still yummy. The salted egg was decent, didn't really leave a strong impression but still good. Ranking Original > Cheese > Mala/Salted Egg

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